| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Netflix’s “Ashab Wala Aaz” film sparks outcry and criticism in the Arab region

Criticism and outcries have sparked lately among the Arab society not for a common humanitarian issue such as child rape, female circumcision, underage marriage, the rate of drug abuse, but rather for underpants in the scene of the movie “Ashab Wala Aaz”, Netflix’s first Arab film.

How do we reveal the truth about what is hidden from secrets and scandals in our phones and expose them in front of the public? We must keep them in the coffins of our subconscious mind, and behind our closed doors.

So why did the society that saw the Hammam al-Malatily, Omaret Yacoubian Movie, Abi Fawq el Shajarah, and others, woke up from their sleep on “Ashab Wala Aaz”.

Why did some media people spark their criticisms on the air against the film?

The Arab woman has always been a victim of the struggles of repression from the Oedipus complex to the inferiority complex. So did the film highlighted the society that is afraid of revealing what is hidden in their phones and minds?

  • Sawt Beirut International