| 4 July 2022, Monday |

New Doctors’ Syndicate Head to be appointed in the upcoming days

The Doctors’ Syndicate elections will take place on Sunday, after a two-year delay owing to the Covid-19 outbreak, to elect members of the Syndicate Council and the Captain. Three key rules are competing for attention. The first is led by Dr. Youssef Bakhash and includes the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah under the slogan “My union is my immunity.”

While the Lebanese Forces, the Phalange, the Progressive Socialist Party and the “White Shirts” group are contesting the list of “independent unionists for change – the doctor first”, and the most prominent candidates for the position of Captain Dr. Bernard Gerbaka.

As for the third list, it includes independent doctors, supported by the Communist Party, and change groups under the slogan “The Syndicate is Rising”, nominated for the position of Captain, the independent doctor, George Haber. In turn, the Amal movement has not yet decided whether it will support the “My Syndicate’s Immunity” list or the “Doctor First” list.

In view of the deteriorating health circumstances, from a paucity of drugs and the exorbitant expense of hospitalization to the emigration of medical personnel, 9255 doctors have been invited to vote on Sunday.

The Doctors Syndicate elections will take place in two rounds, the first in the morning to elect the sixteen members and the second in the afternoon to elect the captain.

Which list will prevail, and will it be able to rescue the medical body and the hospital sector from their respective crises?

  • Sawt Beirut International