| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

New in the bread series … Take your bag with you to fill your bread

Despite the decrease in the price of a bread bundle to 2,500 pounds, adjusting its price according to the exchange rate of the dollar market ,means that the citizen’s food security has become a tool for circulation on the black market, and placing the price of a bundle of bread on the dollar exchange means controlling the fate of this citizen in the simplest matters related to his existence, Instead of finding ways to reduce the price of the bundle and maintain its quality, experiments are being conducted to replace the nylon bag with the poppy bag to reduce its cost, so what is the citizen’s opinion of exchanging nylon bags for poppy?

A citizen told “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Sarah Shehadeh, “We do not know what kind of bags is this, and whether it is harmful to health or not.” A citizen said, “We do not rule out in this country that bread will be sold wrapped in paper.” Another said, “I think we will reach a stage. We exchange the egg for a nylon bag and other items.

As for the citizen to bring a bag with him to fill the bread, the idea became circulating to Lebanese ears, that bread might be sold without bags because the price of one bag costs the seller about 450 to 500 pounds. one  citizen said, “Every day I need two bread bags for my family, may God never forgive them, It is in the interest of the officials to live in luxury and the people are unable to buy a bundle of bread. ”

So, we wait weekly for the new price for a bundle of bread, and the most important question remains, why are people and their food security being undermined?