| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

New queues…”What’s going on?”

An unprecedented rush to shops and stores.. It is the Black Friday that the Lebanese are accustomed to in the last week of November every year to take advantage of offers and discounts before entering the festive month, and the prices become painful!

And with the noticeable decline in the purchasing power of citizens, which has become dependent only on “necessities” due to the stifling economic crisis, many merchants intend this year to participate and benefit from Black Friday, not only to liquidate stocks, but to sell as well.. So did Black Friday succeed this year ?

A huge rise in prices that the markets will witness, with the application of the new customs dollar.. What will this affect them, especially with the start of the Christmas and New Year’s seasons, which many are counting on?

Perhaps the Lebanese today “open the “Piggy bank” all year long to benefit from this Friday.” May God have mercy on the Switzerland of the East.. and a thousand mercy on this country!


  • Sawt Beirut International