| 26 February 2024, Monday |

New year’s accesories are for the rich only!

They are New Year’s accessories that used to invade shops at the doors of the New Year’s reception… so they spread in different colors and shapes at the doors of shops to be bought by those who decided to stay up late at home to welcome the New Year with family and friends!

Although its prices are usually modest, today it rates with the black dollar, and its price rose between 150 and 300 thousand Lebanese pounds, and even more, after it was between 10 and 50 thousand when the black dollar was 1500!

As for the Lebanese, it is known that he conquers circumstances and loves fun. Despite all the difficulties, he tries to adapt, even with the simplest things… The important thing is that he celebrates the holiday with optimism about a new year that may bring with some winds of change!

With or without these accesories this year, no problem, the spirit of the holidays has come, and the Lebanese are ready to welcome the new year, hoping that 2022 will not be repeated and that 2023 will be better!

  • Sawt Beirut International