| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

No budget for Lebanese University.. And university professor with worthless salary

The age of his contract exceeded 13 years, and the decision to confirm it, still waiting in successive governments drawers.
Dr. Ali organizes his educational materials while awaiting the issuance of a law that may contribute to improving his life.
The professor did not turn here into a candle that melts to illuminate the path of students, here, there is no budget even for hallway lighting.
Austerity prevails to the extent of implementing it on letters, as a result of the lack of pens and chalk.
Scientific research in the Faculty of Sciences will soon stop, maintenance of supplies in laboratories is more than difficult, and the operation of some of them is related to the crisis of the dark age of Lebanon.
As for buying a new one, it is an idea that evaporated two years ago.
Eight thousand students are registered in this college, the attendance of only 20% of them disturbs the educational path, few of them have no choice, but to continue the path.

  • Sawt Beirut International