| 22 April 2024, Monday |

Non-rescue government, and rapid deterioration

On September 10, 2021, the decrees for forming the “Rescue Government” were announced, which is the current government headed by Najib Mikati. At that time, the Lebanese believed that the expected government would lift Lebanon out of its mire situation, given the promises and tears shed by the president at the time.

It is the same government that included experts and experienced people in several fields and portfolios, yes they are the same, and who among us can forget the dancer, singer, actor, storyteller, minister of diapers, and others who flooded Lebanon with achievements.

On the eve of the 100-days centenary of the birth of the government, we cannot but recall the crises, and the successes this government has achieved. The first of which is the implementation of President Aoun’s promise to go to hell, as this government was not satisfied with hell, but rather brought Lebanon, like the Lebanese, to the seventh land under Hell.

Thank you Mikati for bringing us the collapse in a splendid way that he has never seen before, lifting the subsidy on raw materials, making hospitalization in dollars, medicine outages, the high rate of thefts and murders, without forgetting the existing finance card but without support, and many more.

As for the truth, let it be said, a country is floundering with daily crises, but its prime minister was keen to participate in the Glasgow summit on climate change at a time when he could hardly prevent a citizen from cutting down a tree for heating.

The most recent and important of these achievements is that only three sessions of the Council of Ministers were held, on September 29, October 6, and October 12, yes three only, and in the third session Hezbollah minister hit his hand on the table and challenged the President of the Republic.

Among the government’s achievements is the diplomatic rift with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, which is the vital artery for Lebanon. We should not forget the deterioration of the lira against the dollar, or to forget the security, political, economic and social chaos.

Thank you, Mr. Mikati, we all know that this government will not be able to achieve any of its declared goals, and will not be able to reassure the Arab countries who are resentful of Lebanon and punish it due to Iran and Hezbollah’s control over it as well as the government, as long as the latter “is not comfortable of Bitar’s investigations, nor the forensic investigation of the port explosion.”

Yes, it is the government that fell at birth, all of this, the president is satisfied with calling for calm, for he is sad for Lebanon, waiting for the black cloud to pass in peace and the country vanishes.

  • Sawt Beirut International