| 19 April 2024, Friday |

Not recommended for faint hearted… a Lebanese house haunted by souls

That other world remains mysterious, we fear and intimidate it, enjoy the high adrenaline in Hollywood horror films without daring and think that these films can be real and close to our homes.

This is the name of the House of Ghosts, it’s aptly named, which was in the past a palace for a feudal family in northern Lebanon. His past has many secrets, his present tells him, the sounds of wailing and screaming heard by the people of the region, and the images of people’s imaginations on the walls.

The “Sawt Beirut International” camera decided to enter the house with a bold heart.

While we were inside, we spotted shadows on the wall, heard strange noises and saw planks falling from the remnants of the fire.

Joseph refutes the information about the truth of this house with a press investigation conducted around the house about ten years ago. As for the information that we got from some people, it is that this house was a prison and a place of torture for many people in the past, and their voice still lives on the walls.

This is a ghost house, inside it are memories of people who still live in it even after they are gone


  • Sawt Beirut International