| 4 December 2021, Saturday |

Nuh Foundation grants 10,000 mammograms for Lebanese women across all regions

Amid growing fears that Lebanese women would neglect early diagnosis for breast cancer due to tough living conditions, changing conditions of insurance companies and the absence of support from the Ministry of Public Health, the Nuh Foundation, headed by Mrs. Hasna Hariri and sponsored by Sheikh Bahaa Hariri, revealed in partnership with “Sawa for Lebanon” and in cooperation with the Lebanese American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) and White Shirts Organization announced a initiative to conduct 10,000 mammography examinations for early detection of breast cancer in 13 medical centers distributed across all governorates.

The launching ceremony of the campaign titled “Together we fight breast cancer” was attended by the artist Elissa, who lived through the experience of the disease and defeated it.

Speakers from the medical and media fields agreed that early diagnosis saves a lot of pain and treatment costs. Postponing early detection tests increases the rate of cancer spread.

Women above 40 years should be undergoing annual mammography, but according to Dr. Murad, cases of young girls have recently appeared, so clinical examination is also necessary.

Cancer disease used to make horror for many people, but recently people has become more aware about it, and campaigns for examinations are continuing, but the cost of treatment remains very high in Lebanon, and medicines are missing in the current circumstances.

Breast cancer disease in Lebanon records the highest percentage in the world, as more than a third of all cancer cases are breast cancer cases, and they constitute 21% of all cancer cases.

Breast cancer in women is the most common and the highest in the country. From here, Nuh Foundation decided to support every woman and encourage her to do the tests for free. Artist Elissa has pledged also to support this cause.