| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

October 14th, Lebanese student’s most important lesson.

Everyone who lived the civil war and saw these pictures said: “They remind me of the war days They remind me of the time when my family used to run and pick us up from school.” “These pictures are painful for the new generation and also painful for the war generation.” They re-opened buried wounds from the past’s pictures.
For 4 hours, students and teachers of the Freire School, Ain El Remmane, lived in fear of stray bullets. Bullets above their heads…and their heads are under the tables.
The sychological trauma year for the Lebanese. After the bombing of August 4, October 14th incidents took place, and the people have only one sentence to say “We cannot withstand more.”
Tomorrow is another day, hopefully it will not be repeated, but the images will remain imprinted in the minds, as it is the fate of the Lebanese, to be haunted by the curse of tragedy and fear.