| 26 September 2022, Monday |

October 17 revolution steadfast despite all threats

It is the 2nd anniversary of October 17 revolution, an unprecedented event in Lebanon’s history, which surprised the corrupt political class, when it revealed the citizens’ awareness in fighting the sectarian division. The revolutionaries united in the face of an alliance of political parties from all sects that humiliated people and violated their rights and dignity.

Coronavirus pandemic was not the only reason for mitigating the glare of the revolution, which shook the thrones of many politicians, instilled fear in their hearts, and drove them to put obstacles in the face of the revolutionaries.

The phrase “All of them, means all of them” provoked some because they considered that ‘Sayyed Hassan’ should be excluded. The Shiite duo rallied to the streets with sticks and stones to confront the revolutionaries, accusing the revolution and the revolutionaries of treachery, to intimidate activists, demonstrators, and the angry people.

The August 4, 2020 blast came to ignite the hearts of the revolutionaries again, and the squares were filled with angry masses who demanded overthrowing the regime. But where is the revolution amid this collapse?

Perhaps October 17 revolution did not achieve all its demands, but with the beginning of its third year, the revolutionaries confirm, despite all the threats and stifling economic conditions, that they are going to bring down a regime that rules them as per their interests, even if the faces change.

From October 17 revolution, which shook the structure of the corrupt authority and broke the barrier of fear, Lebanon will be liberated from the blatant political occupation practiced by a looting regime that is protected by external parties!

  • Sawt Beirut International