| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Ogero employees declare an open strike

Ogero employees declared an open strike on Tuesday in protest against the government’s failure in securing the necessary funds to run the public utilities. The employees also requested salary readjustments as well as social benefits.

Despite their eagerness to run vital facilities, and amid these tough economic and security circumstances, which started from October 2019, Ogero has never stopped providing its services.

But the way of dealing with Ogero is no longer acceptable. Amid the severe economic crisis, and objections raised to amend Article 49 of Telecommunications Law No. 431, which affects about 2,500 families, and because the Ministry of Finance reduced salaries instead of increasing it due to the high cost of living, and based on demands to provide salaries according to the Central Bank’s Circular No. 151, the Executive Council of the “Ogero” Syndicate announced an open strike starting from Tuesday. Employees will not attend work centers and will halt the work of the authority,  and maintenance works across all Lebanese territories until further notice. The Syndicate will keep its sessions open to follow up on developments.

Sources told Sawt Beirut International that Ogero employees intent to escalate until their demands are met, to secure the necessary funds for running the public facility, such as the cost of fuel, maintenance of equipment, transportation allowances according to decrees issued, and social assistance approved by the Council of Ministers.

As was expected, the rise in global oil prices that resulted from the Russian war on Ukraine, led to a significant increase in fuel prices, becoming as follows:

Gasoline 98 octane surged to 434,000 LBP, Gasoline 95 octane to 425,000 LBP, diesel oil to 427,000 LBP, and gas to 297,000 LBP.

The increase in prices was due to the rise in global oil prices, amid the stability in the dollar exchange rate in the Lebanese markets. The Central Bank kept the exchange rate of the dollar secured by it to import 85% of gasoline, according to Sayrafa’s platform, at 20,200 pounds. The dollar exchange rate approved in the table for importing 15% of gasoline, which importing companies and gas stations must secure in cash, is calculated at 20,693 pounds. The rise in global oil prices led to an increase in the price of imported goods on today’s schedule.

  • Sawt Beirut International