| 30 November 2023, Thursday |

Oil importers will not deliver fuel on Thursday

One month ago, public taxi drivers carried out strikes and staged sit-ins across Lebanon, in response to the call of the Federations and Unions of the Land Transport Sector.

Public taxi drives called for supporting the sector, which was severely affected by the economic crisis. On Tuesday, they announced that Thursday, January 13 will be a day of anger and the oil companies will go on strike and will not deliver fuel.

To shed light on this subject, the Head of the Federations and Unions of Land Transport, Bassam Tlais joined us.

The Syndicate of Owners of Gas Canister Filling Stations called on the Ministry of Energy and Water to issue a daily price schedule according to the dollar exchange rate on the black market, given that “the owners of these stations are incurring losses that they cannot sustain on a weekly basis.”

The Syndicate provided numbers regarding the losses it is incurring per cooking gas bottle, according to the pricing table, which amounts to 5,766 Lebanese pounds if the exchange rate is calculated at 31,800 LBP. The union warned that if the government will not respond to its demand, it will not be able to adhere to the pricing schedule, which puts it before the option of closing and not receiving gas.

  • Sawt Beirut International