| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

On International Internet Day, what is the fate of this sector in Lebanon?

More than 100 countries around the world celebrate the International Internet Day on the second Tuesday of February, to encourage communication and safe use of the network.

This initiative launched by the European Union, is celebrated everywhere except in Lebanon, as discussions here are limited only to the following questions: Will the Internet become for the rich with the increase in tariffs? Has Lebanon become an isolated country with almost daily network outages and slow service? Will the subscription fee be set according to Sayrafa’s platform rate?

It is true that these questions are weird in the 21st century, but the strangest thing is the officials who took refuge in the news of the internet outage and its poor quality to pass their approved agenda, which requires raising tariffs under the slogan “This is the sole solution.”

With talks arising about an increase in the tariffs, the internet bill will be equivalent to half of the currently approved minimum wage.

The unfortunate fact is that the basic needs of the citizen in this particular century have become a luxury rather than a basic one and a right that should not even be considered.

The problem of the Internet is not limited only to the high prices, but also to the absence of any investment plan to develop the infrastructure of Internet communications. Are we facing a reality in which we cannot think of a developed future with the absence of development pillars?

  • Sawt Beirut International