| 21 June 2024, Friday |

On Iqlim AL-Kharroub highway, you have two options..Either fall into a pathole, or have a car accident

Most of the roads in Lebanon do not meet public safety conditions , and this does not need studies to be confirmed  , for who among us did not memorize the potholes we pass through daily with our cars, and who among us did not hit a patch of the road here or there, as streets are now known by potholes names.

A citizen told “Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Sarah Shehadeh, “Every day my car falls into pits about 7 times,” adding, “The pits are old, dating back more than two years.

As for the highway from Iqlim al-Kharoub entrance in Wadi al-Zina towards the town of Shhim, it is never suitable for driving, and the driver does not enjoy driving a few meters until a ditch surprises him, where he has two options: either  falls into it and bears the burden of repairing his car or escapes it, and exposes himself to a traffic accident.

Shehadeh toured the roads of Iqlim al-Kharroub to convey the image from there, and how the roads are unfit for walking and driving, where the citizens explained the story of each pit and their suffering with it, and the extent of the state and the municipalities negligence.

These roads are considered a model of negligence and irresponsibility, it has been full of pits for long. Neither the municipalities nor the Ministry of Works rehabilitate it.

All what  matters to the citizen is to arrive at work safely, and return home to his family “ in one piece”