| 27 May 2024, Monday |

On “The Missing” Memorial Day, where are they?

During the Lebanese civil war, thousands were missed. War poles reconciled or pacified for their interests, but the missing families’ sufferings, stay unanswered.

After decades of struggle, the Lebanese authorities issued Law 105 in 2018, which implementation and effectiveness are still pending in the politicians’ drawers, who are oblivious to the slightest rights of the afflicted people.

New missing people are joining daily, the last of whom are the victims of Akkar-  Tleil bombing, as a result of official neglect and rampant corruption in the absence of oversight and accountability from the concerned government.

This bloody conflict still haunts the relatives of the missing who continue their battles to find out the fate of their children… or hope for a miracle that will bring them back to them… alive.