| 21 May 2022, Saturday |

One hand can now clap

This life has proved that the most important organ in the human body, is the mind. As for the rest, if it is lost, the mind can replace it. Rita, who has one hand, has two wills instead of one, two determinations instead of one , and two strengths instead of one . She is complete in the combination of ambition and hope. Her hand, is complete with the perfection of her mind.
Rita has transformed the story of her hand into a social cause she works for, holding life with the other hand and moving it forward.
Rita is the biggest proof that the limbs are just details, the basis are the heartbeat, and the solidity of the smile.
Whoever said that one hand does not clap was mistaken, for it claps with the loud sound of success.

  • Sawt Beirut International