| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

One-year after Lokman Slim’s assassination, the killer unknown by security forces, but known by his family

A year after the writer and political activist Lokman Slim’s assassination in his car in southern Lebanon, the killer is still unknown, and free.

The six bullets that rained down on Lokman from a pistol with a silencer, confirm the killer’s fear of any breath remaining in Slim, so he emptied his bullets that are filled with hatred on him.

Slim, despite his belonging to the Shiite sect, his opposition to Hezbollah was open and fierce. In many of his television interviews, he considered that Hezbollah is taking Lebanon as a hostage to Iran, and that the Syrian regime has a relationship with the ammonium nitrate, which was stored in the port of Beirut.

As for the investigation, nothing has been revealed yet, under the pretext that the investigation is still in the process of gathering information and has not been able to seize an important data so far.”

As for the fact, it was crystal clear for Slim’s mother, as she said in an interview with An-Nahar.

In 2019, Hezbollah threatened Slim more than once, most notably when people gathered in front of his house in Haret Hreik, chanting expressions of treason, and sticking slogans on the fence of his garden including: “Hezbollah, the honor of the nation and glory to the silencer”.

In a country that suffers from political and sectarian divisions and conflicts, full of assassinations, kidnappings, and threats, neither the truth will be revealed nor justice will be applied, as long as there is someone who dominates all the components of the state, starting with the judiciary and ending with the security services.

  • Sawt Beirut International