| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Only rich people will get warm this winter

Winter is here!  Severe cold, rainy winters and snowy nights await the Lebanese… With all the crises the Lebanese are going through, what will the winter season be like for the poor people in light of the economic crisis?!

Diesel has always been an essential element for heating, especially in mountainous areas, but today it has become the preserve of a certain class, especially with the unprecedented records recorded by the prices of diesel, after they approached 900,000 per can, which is equivalent to 10 million Lebanese pounds.

Even the prices of firewood are not the best these days.. It is like diesel, the price of which has increased, after the price of the Shawwal has doubled 7 times over the previous year!

And on a continuous line, the prices of greenhouses, heaters and their accessories are not logical, but the cheapest of them has become equivalent to the salary of a citizen whose salary is still at the rate of 1500!

  • Sawt Beirut International