| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Opposition at conferences… and torture in basements

Under the dome of the legislative authority, they met,

Bashar Abdel Saud’s case brought attention to the law of anti -torture,

The representative of the agency responsible for the killing of the Syrian men attended without answers to many questions related to the case,

A matter angered a deputy who was originally a lawyer,

Answer answers in the next meeting,

The call to meeting in Parliament was to urge the implementation of anti -torture legislation.

Legislation and laws that are not respected systematically.

Articles in the constitution and in the law and agreements signed by all official Lebanon condemning torture.

In fact, there is a requirement that there is a defense agent with any accused before starting to interrogate him.

All of these texts are also restricted.

It was ignored by security services that made Lebanon accused from the United Nations Human Rights Committee that torture in the country is widespread and semi -systematic.

The issue of the Syrian Bashar Abdel Saud is only another evidence of the continuation of this approach without deterrence.

Death under torture is not an accident or a game that says human rights workers,

The accused loses his freedom, yes, but international covenants guarantee that he retains his dignity,

Dignity has become missing in a clear state described in the police state.

Fifteen of documented torture cases filed by civilians on military personnel who have been detained within the military court for three years,

Claims who mastered those concerned with referring them and returning them until the owners were bored of following them,

Claims that ended up appointing the accused of perpetrators to investigate.

  • Sawt Beirut International