| 2 October 2022, Sunday |

Orange Era: Annuling elections first!

Whoever believes that what the Aounist movement is doing, has nothing to do with the elections, is wrong. All the plays of heroism and the fight against corruption that he woke up to today, after he was silent about them, but rather, participated in their deals throughout his rule in the past five and a half years, constitute nothing but a destructive road map, starting from Ghada Aoun’s raid on the banks, to Judge Akiki’s wake up from coma, more than 5 months after the battle of Ain Al-Remmaneh, are nothing but attempts, aim at causing total chaos in the country, to undermine the necessary security and social stability, which secure the grounds for conducting the parliamentary elections on its scheduled date on May 15th.

During the covenant era, everything is permissible, if it leads to annulling the elections, and avoiding its  results, even if entering Lebanon into an indispensable cycle, or even destroying the Temple on everyone’s heads. So, Will these attempts succeed? It is no wonder that when the judiciary is used for political ends of dispersal and fragmentation, the country and the elections will be at stake.