| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Our state no longer protects the corrupt… It persecutes those who fight corruption

The weapon of libel, slander and denigration in the face of anti-corruption, the authority used legal article 389 of the Penal Code related to contempt of the judiciary against the head of the tenders department, Jean Al-Aliyah, on the background of raising a case related to contradictions issued by the State Consultative Council.

The Public Prosecutor of Cassation, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, requested to hear Al-Aliyah. The media circulated the news of his prosecution. He did not attend the attic alone. He entered and gave his opinion, then went out to announce his readiness to complete any legal path that justice wanted.

The request to listen to the man came at the request of the advisor to the President of the Republic, Salim Jreissati. Sources following up on the file told SBI, Al-Aliyah was refusing to participate in an auction in the free market at the airport, the owner of which is close to one of the influential members of the Free Patriotic Movement, and the bids were supposed to be opened on the 14th From last July.

The biggest fear of the authority is the approaching implementation of the Public Procurement Law at the end of this month, which will lead to Al-Aliyah being responsible for the implementation, which does not suit many political parties.
Political tenders were based on intimidation of an employee who obstructed tenders that return deals in favor of the power system.

They say here that the state is no longer a state that protects the corrupt, but rather persecutes those who fight corruption.




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