| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Who will be Lebanon’s next Prime Minister?

Attention is turning to the date of parliamentary consultations on Thursday, and the parliamentary blocs have entered the stage of open meetings and communication with each other to agree on the name of the next prime minister. Until now, it is not certain that the revolution’s representatives went to nominate Ambassador Nawaf Salam.

The Free Patriotic Movement, which entered into a fierce battle with Mikati, information indicates that the bloc will not name him and will tweet its position outside the flock of its ally Hezbollah.
As for the strong republic blocs and the Democratic Gathering, they have not yet decided on their decision.

The entitlement to the assignment, if it will be decided on Thursday, but the formation of the government is the most important in order to proceed with the reforms, will the task of formation be easy and quick?

If the life of this government, if it is formed, will be short, but its tasks are many, and whoever will take over its presidency and portfolios will not have the luxury of compromises and deals.


  • Sawt Beirut International