| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Passports provided only for those who meet these conditions!

The Passport has become the main “weapon” for the Lebanese amid the harsh conditions in the country, perhaps helping them to escape from the hell. However obtaining it has become subject to impossible conditions that are not applicable in many cases.

The General Directorate of General Security had announced on its official website the “conditions for obtaining passports”, as citizens can no longer obtain or renew passports in the Public Relations Department and all regional centers, even if they are registered on the platform or have prior appointments. They can only obtain it if the applicant doesn’t have a valid passport, or if the validity of his passport was less than a year and a half when the application was submitted, in addition to fulfilling one of the following conditions:

Citizens holding a valid residence abroad.

Citizens holding a valid visa affixed to the passport.

Citizens holding a confirmed appointment in the embassy within a month from the date of submitting the application.

Continuing his studies abroad, provided that he attaches the application with his educational attainment abroad or an application for registration is included.

Following up on medical treatment abroad, provided that the necessary reports are included.

Accepting work abroad, including a signed work contract and the necessary documents included.

Based on the foregoing, any citizen who does not meet these conditions will not be allowed to renew or obtain a passport. Therefore, there is no need to attend the appointment, but rather they have to cancel it, secure the following conditions and then book a new appointment, otherwise attending the appointment will not help them obtain a passport.

The Lebanese General Security centers are witnessing a heavy turnout by citizens to obtain passports because of their fear of the situation without having an actual need. This step may be to reduce the pressure of requests on the one hand and to rationalize the issuance of passports, but it comes as usual with ill-considered decisions to make matters worse.

  • Sawt Beirut International