| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Path and fate of expatriate ballot boxes from countries of diaspora to Banque du Liban

The ballot boxes of the expatriates, on the sixth and eighth of May, will be transferred from the countries of emigration to Rafic Hariri International Airport. Then to the treasury of the Banque du Liban until the fifteenth of May, with a security escort.
The security forces, with all their apparatuses, are on standby and fully prepared to ensure the process and course of the transfer of ballot boxes on the one hand, and the progress of the electoral process on the other hand.
And about the fear of tampering with the votes of voters, Charbel said.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Abdullah Bou Habib, had indicated that the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ends with the arrival of the ballot boxes at Beirut airport, to become the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.
Expatriate voting ended in a democratic atmosphere, without significant violations and obstacles, to begin the international and local preparations for the election day on the fifteenth of May.