| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

Art and Media stars meet at MBC ceremony, and Yasmine Sabry returns in Ramadan 2022

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary on the launch of MBC, the pictures of the ceremony topped social networking sites this week, as a number of art and media stars in the Arab world traveled to Portugal to participate in the ceremony. Among the most prominent attendees are the actress Yusra, Aser Yassin, Amina Khalil, Basil Khayat, Dhafer Al-Abidin, Razan Maghribi, Annabella Hilal, Nasser Al-Qasabi, Moataz Al-Demerdash, Nishan, George Kordahi and others.

And in the Turkish city of Antalya, as part of the “Stars on Board” trip, and the revival of a series of consecutive concerts. On the third night, the Iraqi star Saif Nabil performed his party with a dance show that dazzled the audience. The sun of the Lebanese song, Najwa Karam, performed to the audience with her beautiful voice and performance, especially as she presented a series of her most beautiful old songs, with which the audience interacted greatly.

After circulating news through the social media regarding his plastic surgery, Muhammad Ramadan shared a photo from his childhood on “Instagram”, in which he responded to the false news.

He commented, “When I was young, my lips were bigger than me.”

After completing her summer vacation and returning from Italy after participating in Cartier celebrations on the sidelines of the Venice Film Festival, it seems that Yasmine Sabry will be a strong competitor in the Ramadan 2022 drama, as she returns to participate in the Ramadan race after an absence of two years.
Yasmine shared a picture of her reading the script of her new work, produced by “Synergy”, with her cup of coffee, without revealing any other details.

Jordanian artist Hussein Al-Salman released his new song “Melh w Dab”, which is in the Lebanese dialect, which he filmed as a video clip and signed by director Ahmed Al-Munajjid. “Melh w dab” is written by Ali Mawla, composed by Fadel Suleiman and arranged by Jamal Yassin.

Model and reality TV star Kylie Jenner confirmed her second pregnancy, after the spread of many news, photos and videos indicating pregnancy, but without comment from her, until she published a video of her during the detection of the fetus, in addition to a pregnancy test, accompanied by her husband Travis Scott.

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