| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Port of Tripoli, like have never been seen before … despair, darkness and hunger!

Whoever knows Lebanon certainly knows the city of the port, the city of vigil until sunrise. Today it has become empty of its colors, and it has become an orphan without visitors, consumed by darkness and despair. At the city’s port, cruise ships dock, whose owners have turned their wood into halls that receive customers and have bedded them with tables and chairs that have been filled with visitors for many years, Today it seems empty, without the families ’laughter, not even the crying of their children. Amid this panel of misery, the owners of the cruise ships raise the flags of surrender in front of the era of bankruptcy, according to what one of the shipowners said to the correspondent of“ Voice of Beirut International, ”Ibrahim Fatfat,“ All I earned today is 13 thousand pounds. Two days ago, I did not earn a lira. ”Another said,“ The boat costs 100 thousand dollars and we do not make a living from it, how do we live? No customers. ”Another said,“ We close the doors of our livelihood at six in the evening, in the past we would stay until one after midnight, and customers fill the boat. adding,“ The high exchange rate of the dollar (ruined everything ) in the past we used to sell the hookah for 5,000 pounds now for 15 thousand, what make the customers leave. ”


We will not ask who will compensate for their loss. Whoever has brought us to these days does not care who sleeps hungry