| 27 May 2024, Monday |

Power’s walls surrounded its economic outlets.. Riad El Solh taking its last breath

Yehya is good at dealing with the current financial embargo.

But he is unable to untie the knots of the siege imposed on him by the authority. The siege turned from an emergency to a permanent one, under the pretext of preventing the opposition from reaching the official headquarters in the center of the capital. Muhammad would like his office to have two wings to fly to another place in order to continue his work. After his business was soaring up among travel offices, he became as if he was in a permanent transit station.

There is a wall that cannot be crossed in the road to the government palace, a wall built by the previous government and kept by the current government, which called itself the Salvation Government.

The path to Parliament is also cut with walls that are allegedly legitimate, as Parliament has legislated the protection of the corrupt in more than one station. The last of those legislation obstructed the investigation into the port explosion

The building of power as walls that separate it from the people reflects the destruction of trust between the two parties, in a country whose rulers have built their financial empire at the expense of taxes paid by the poor in exchange for the collapse.

  • Sawt Beirut International