| 6 December 2022, Tuesday |

Prepare for season three of “Lil Maut”

After what director Philip Asmar and writer Nadine Jaber’s hinted about the production of “Lil Maut” series, fans’ curiosity aroused due to the sucees and fame that this work has achieved in various parts of the word.
Producer Jamal Sinan, owner of Eagle Films, revealed during the last episode of season two, “that he made the decision to produce a second part of the series “Lil Maut”, stressing that he likes to take on the challenge with every artistic project that the company is working on, and he is with the production of “Lil Maut 3” if the text is qualified, and ends by saying, “Inshallah… We are looking for Sahar and Reem.”
As for media sources, it confirmed that work has already begun on the third part of “Lil Maut” to be shown during the Ramadan season 2023 , after it achieved overwhelming success as its echoes crossed the borders of the Arab world and reached the world and ranked first and issued the “Trend” as it was translated in many countries around the world.