| 29 November 2022, Tuesday |

President Aoun “feeling disgusted”…and the people “way more”!

One hundred and thirty-two days exactly, separate us from the end of the “strong covenant’s” era… or the era of hell, as President Michel Aoun personally classified it, when he promised the Lebanese a black fate, and here we have indeed reached this fate. Bombing of the port of Beirut, medicines outage, no water or electricity, hospitals closing their doors, doctors emigrating… Gasoline and diesel by the “dropper”… Prices soaringup without control, the Lebanese lira is collapsing… And the people are really begging for a loaf of bread! How do the Lebanese view this covenant?!
For his part, the president attributes this failure to several reasons that are far from logical… He did not speak about the era of disrupting governments, nor the fear of “the son-in-law’s upset”, not even about the fake battles led by the Orange Movement… Rather, he confirmed via a press interview that “he is not weak, but feels disgusting,” forgetting, that “the people feela disgusting way more,” given what conditions the country has reached due to the policies of his reign and his alliances.
“The father of all is feeling disgusted ”… but everyone is “feeling more disgusted” with the covenant and its accomplishments, or rather, no achievements! Perhaps the best evidence of this, is an electronic vote that lasted for two weeks, where the result showed that this era is the worst in the modern history of Lebanon, compared to previous eras… And while we await for the inventory of the achievements, that he will presented to the Lebanese people, we hope that the legacy that the president will leave to us, will not be his spoiled son-in-law, Gebran Bassil, And his orange Tayyar.”