| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Presidential vacuum expected: zero chance to Bassil

Lebanon has entered the presidential era’s last months, the worst in Lebanon’s history, and the search for a new name began with it to lead the next stage.
Several scenarios are expected, the first of which is a vacuum and the last is a vacuum.
As for the names that revolve around the Baabda Palace, they are counted on one hand fingers.
The Lebanese citizen, who suffered both during the six years of Michel Aoun’s reign… How can he anticipate the night of the 31st of next October… Aoun’s last day in Baabda?
And thus, it has become clear, according to the pulse of the street, that the Free Patriotic Movement, Hezbollah and the Marada Movement, can no longer impose a president on the Lebanese, As for Gibran Bassil, his chances are zero, and another zero for Suleiman Franjieh. Who will be the next president? The answer will not be far. In the hope that political tug-of-war will not allow the excellency of vacuum prevail on the throne of Baabda.

  • Sawt Beirut International