| 23 April 2024, Tuesday |

Price of an oil barrel at the threshold of $100, what about local fuel prices?

Global oil prices hit their highest levels in more than 7 years, on fears that a possible Russian invasion to Ukraine would lead to imposing US and European sanctions, therefore, disrupting exports from one of the world’s largest producers. Currently, attention is turning to oil prices, which could reach $100 in the short term.

To shed light on the repercussions of the rise in global oil prices on fuel prices in Lebanon, a member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners Georges Brax joined us.

The Minister of Public Health Firas Abiad explained that the process of pharmaceutical imports between importers and the Central Bank was achieved through automation under the supervision and follow-up of the Ministry, which will accelerate the import process.

Results began to appear recently through the arrival of large quantities of medicines and the expectation of importing additional quantities successively in a continuous and more organized form to meet the actual needs.

Abiad announced that to ensure transparent communication between the ministry and patients, especially those with cancer and incurable diseases, the Ministry publishes two detailed schedules of the medicines that entered the country in recent days and are expected to arrive in the near future.

  • Sawt Beirut International