| 14 July 2024, Sunday |

Prison explosion is near

In a qualitative operation, thirty-one detainees managed to escape from their glasses under the Qasr al-Adl bridge in Beirut. According to the information, the cell in which the fleeing prisoners were located is closed by four barriers. Iron door. Barrier of iron nets. A second door of iron bars. And a concrete wall.

The prisoners smashed windows with a sharp object and made a hole in the wall between two adjacent cells, while not ruling out the hypothesis that they received help from outside the glasses.
According to the information of Sawt Beirut International, one of the fugitives managed to escape towards the Syrian border, and he contacted the security force, confirming that the security forces were not involved in the operation. While another fugitive surrendered to the security forces, the investigation is still ongoing to find out the whereabouts of the other prisoners.
This escape process opens the door again to the difficult living conditions experienced by the prisoners on the one hand and the military on the other, in light of the failure of a large number of members to join their centers
As for the central prison in Roumieh and other prisons that suffer from overcrowding, there is also a continuous attempt by prisoners to escape from it, and information from Voice of Beirut International indicates that a major uprising is being talked about will happen in Roumieh prison.
So in light of the state’s complete absence from meeting the needs of free citizens outside prisons, its responsibilities inside the detention centers are non-existent, and the fear is that a moment will come when the situation will explode and spiral out of control. Here, “the one who was beaten was beaten and the one who escaped fled.”

  • Sawt Beirut International