| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Private schools in Lebanon are appealing.. Help us or we will close

When returning to the plan of the Minister of Education in the caretaker government, Tariq Al-Majzoub, regarding the resumption of in-person education in schools, one start thinking whether the Minister of Education is for public education only, or the Minister of Education for Lebanon as a whole!!
The same suffering is shared by both the public and private sectors, which the minister ignored as if he did not constitute 70 percent of the educational sector.

Return has become impossible, especially since it is based on plans that do not provide gasoline, health, or other. The main dilemma is purely economic, and transportation and fuel challenges, to transport students and professors, raise wages, and set budgets and premiums, have not been resolved, especially for the private sector.

Solutions are in the hands of a state that have lost all of their components.. At a time when the last wealth in Lebanon must be saved, those concerned are distracted in how they can reach ministerial portfolios that guarantee their rights.

  • Sawt Beirut International