| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Public transport buses … operating again

Minister of Public Works and Transportation in the caretaker government, Ali Hamieh, indicated via twitter, that the public transport sector is returning again after absence and neglect. Its continuity is everyone’s responsibility. Shared buses on the streets of Beirut 19-12-2022. His statement was accompanied by a video clip and pictures of the resumption of buses in the streets of the capital.

Hamieh had launched last Friday, an experimental maneuver for buses, and announced the start of work to complete the book of conditions and conduct a tender aimed at outsourcing the maintenance and operation of buses on all Lebanese lands to the private sector in cooperation with the public sector.

Is today really the right time for buses to return to work? Who does the maintenance? How much is the tariff?

So the buses returned to work again after thirty years of deliberate neglect of the common transport sector. But the question that arises is whether this step will be at the expense of private transportation or complementary to it?

  • Sawt Beirut International