| 3 October 2022, Monday |

Rafic Hariri..The Muslim Christian

This is how Sykes-Picot cartographic pen devided us, “Lebanon is great”, the honesty of the title, heavy under the weight of affiliations, fear of demography and history complexes from the Mutasarrifiya. Cruel geography has taught us “we the sects” to count each other by numbers, not by the value of citizenship, waiting in our programmed minds for the other to come and swallow us… He was not among this collective unconscious, but rather from the awareness of belonging to the homeland. From the first moment of his emergence on the political scene in the nineties, Rafik Hariri faced the most difficult wars of abolition, from legislative obstructions, to economic demonization… But the most painful of all, came from the Lebanese tribal Nazis, which loves the arts of intimidation from the other, and keeping people in a life of shelters and barriers, even if only mentally .
“Look at the palm trees on Jounieh highway”, it is the end of the world, Rafik Hariri bought endowment land in Kaslik, Hariri is Islamizing Lebanon… Slogans like trademarks were marketed with the cunning of conspiracy and the malice of politics.
But in war there are always two parties, and he decided not to give them the pleasure of the second party, they are the ones who have become entrenched in the wars of abolition and the demagogy of cracking Assad’s head, they are like “Nero” , where they burnt their regions, and like the cowardly captain of a ship, fled before anyone else.
Rafik Hariri, who was embraced with Peter’s greatness and Paul’s compassion in the Vatican, Rafik Hariri, whose human resources records on TV, the newspaper, Solidere, the Bank of the Mediterranean, and not even within his senior advisors, did not know any sect affiliation, Rafik Hariri, who built his residence in the depths of Kesrouan In Faqra, he built highways and planned projects in areas with a Christian majority that solved many problems. He is Rafik Hariri, who had a great relationship with Bkerke and Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, and he is the same one who said it clearly and unequivocally to the late Samir Franjieh, there is no future government without Qornet Shahwan meeting. Not to mention thousands of Christian students who received scholar ships from his social institution.

He is Rafiq Hariri, the moderate who belongs to a nation that he wanted it to be a way of life and not just coexistence, who said that a moderate Christian is closer to me than an extremist Muslim. It is he who has endured the harshest blows of the Nazi demagogues, the same that led them to become leaders through dirty means, and the same that brought them down today due to the disappointments of the street. They departed from the conscience of the people… As for Rafik Hariri, he has the share of the “greats” in the book of history.

  • Sawt Beirut International