| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

Rafik Hariri… not our sword… but the pen

From Marouf Al-Rasafi’s golden words, “If ignorance looms in a country, its lions turn into monkeys.” The educated person does not go along with the militias in the streets and alley’s wars of interests, tainted by conspiracy. The educated person does not vote in the election box according to the “sustenance” box. The educated person is free-thinking. Rafik Hariri was well aware according to what was stated in Karim Pakradoni’s book, “The Curse of a Homeland” he realized that the cause of the wars in Lebanon was neither the movements of the left nor the thought of the right, but rather it is in the middle of moderate thought, rooted in knowledge. The stone in the center of Beirut was not his priority, but the people of all of Lebanon.
Rafic Hariri’s offers were of many kinds and sorts, most notably, providing educational opportunities for 36,000 young Lebanese women and men to study inside and outside Lebanon, within the framework of the general goal of empowering young people with education and to enhance the energies of human resources and develop their capabilities.
Archive records in his social institution testify that the selection of grants never came according to region, sect, or even political affiliation.
And here are the successful graduates, including doctors, engineers, pharmacists, academics and others, scattered throughout the world, hanging with their diplomas a certificate of loyalty on the wall of memory. He is the one who gave them the opportunity to be educated without any condition, neither with affiliation to his Tayyar, nor with his political line. Rafik Hariri knows very well, that whenever an educated wants to belong to anyone, he uses the vision of his mind, and not the blindness of eyes.
Moreover, he escerted lots of effort to improve the living conditions of many individuals and groups, to support NGOs and to develop investments in Lebanon. While his purchase of the Lycée Abdelkader (1985) and the Evangelical School for Boys and Girls (1986) prevented them from being closed down as prestigious educational institutions, but rather contributed to their development. He also established a school in Saudi Arabia, two schools in Sidon and a fourth in Beirut, and then the Hariri Canadian University in Mashrif, in 1999.
He made People increased their knowledge… This is what Rafik Hariri perfected all through his path course. He did not speak the ignorant language of confrontation lines, nor the language of a gangster threatening with his gun at a bakery, He did not believe in the sword, but only in the pen. Because he knew well, that an educated person is free, free and free.