| 6 October 2022, Thursday |

Ramadan tables are only for those who are able to afford it

Many items will be absent from the tables of the Lebanese during the holy month of Ramadan this year. The stifling economic crisis and the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Lebanese pound, along with the greed of merchant gangs and their quest to reap imaginary profits, are weighing on the holy month, when the head of the family will stand confused between crazy prices and preparing breakfast.

Unusually, the Lebanese woman will not be able to decorate her trip daily this year with the home-made fattoush dish, which now costs about 200 thousand pounds.
As for the meat that every main dish needs, it has not visited many homes for months, and this has reached the ranks of luxuries that the poor reckon a thousand accounts for before he buys it after the price of a kilo of it exceeded 200,000 pounds.

If the prices of vegetables and foodstuffs have risen significantly, the prices of Ramadan sweets have become fictional.

Faced with this reality, the Lebanese stand confused between the customs and traditions that decorate the tables of the blessed month of Ramadan, and a stifling crisis that has deprived them of the spirit of the holy month.

The prices this year are beyond imagination and the officials are not empty, but the holy month has become a heavy guest… This is the reality of the situation and live if you are poor.

  • Sawt Beirut International