| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Ramadan’s ornament shops piled with stocks unlike last years.

“Voice of Beirut International” correspondent Rabei Shantaf, shed the light on the Lebanese’s request for Ramadan decoration ornaments after 5 days of the holy month had passed. From one of the stores in Tariq Al-Jadidah, it emerged how the decorations are piled up. The owner of the shop said, “Last year, the sale was much more, but the situation of people this year at all levels led to a decline in the demand for decorations, as the priorities are to secure food and drink.”

Regarding the demand for dates, he said, “The dollar led to a rise in prices, and it is cheap compared to last year for people who get paid in in dollar. A kilo of dates was priced at 3,000 pounds, that is, two dollars today, equivalent to 26,000 pounds and we sell it for 14 pounds.” He also talked about the prices of decorations and perfume and other goods that he sells, stressing that at this stage he only aspires to withstand.