| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Ramy Ayyash releases “Anti Lee” and Brad Pitt suing Angelina Jolie again

The two stars, Nassif Zaitoun and Yara, starred in a youth artistic night at Al Majaz Theater in Sharjah, last Saturday night, as part of the “Hala bil Majaz” season, and in a party filled with country, rhythmic and romantic songs.
The audience reacted to the artist Yara, and lived with her a romantic atmosphere with a collection of her finest works, such as “Twassa fiye” “Ma Baarif”, “Sodfa” and other songs.
In an enthusiastic atmosphere, the audience continued the evening with the Syrian artist, Nassif Zeytoun, who charmed them with his country voice, and inflamed the theater with the song “Mish am tozbat ma’i” and a distinguished medley of his songs.

It seems that the audience is on a date with a number of women’s duets during the month of Ramadan 2022, as director Marcos Adel began filming the series “high work” starring Fifi Abdo and Sherine Reda.
The series revolves around two friends who open a private academy. Also participating in the work are Marwan Younes, Haitham Saeed and Tony Maher, in addition to a large number of guests of honor.

Pop star Ramy Ayyash released, via YouTube, a new song entitled “Anti Lee”, and the song is his first lyrical surprise in his work with”Mazzika” company in 2022. Ayyash went back in the song video clip to the blackand white era, with Angie Gamal who used Ramy Ayyash’s acting abilities in a way that served the clip.
The song is in the classical dialect, lyrics are by Ali Al-Mawla, composed by Mahmoud Eid and distributed by Rami Al-Alam.

The artist, Fadel Shaker, released the first song from his new album, “Bgamel Nas”, which bears the same title, to return and join the Rotana family.
Five days after its release, a song touched a million views, and it was written by Muhammad Al-Jammal, composed by Madian, and distributed by Yahya Youssef.

The star, Joseph Attieh, released the fourth song from his new album, “Mnahkum Alanas”, entitled “Habaita”, written and composed by Nabil Khoury, distributed by George Kassis.
To promote the song, Joseph released special videos, his fans interacted with it, like the rest of the songs he released in the past period.

Amid the ongoing custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a new case was born between the two parties away from custody, as Brad sued his ex-wife, Angelina, for illegally selling her share of Miraval Palace and their vineyard in France.

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