| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Ration card better than financing card by securing the food basket

When you look at the amount allocated in the financing card, you will definitely realize that it is not enough for even the minimum price of the food basket for a Lebanese family of four. Hence the question about the mechanism of determining the amount. Sources say that it was determined in a demagogic manner and did not adhere to or take into account the standards followed by international institutions. From here, academic and economic expert Dr. Pierre El-Khoury, during his interview with the “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent, Mahasin Mursal, sees that the ration card would have been better than the financing card.

Al-Khoury said, “I have previously warned that changing two letters turned us into two cards of a different nature that do not resemble each other.”

Al-Khoury considered that what is happening is support for politics at the gates of the elections. “It is a kind of electoral bribery to re-polarize the public”, he said. He stressed that “the logic of the financial card is bad, and the ration card should have been kept.” He explained, “It was given to people according to their needs, and spending was prohibited in the wrong place, that is, in non-essential places in the prisoners’ budget, in addition to supporting the national industry and not allowing the political exploitation of the card.”

Waiting for the assistance that the international community institutions and associations will provide to Lebanese families, it seems that poverty rates will increase to more than seventy percent of the Lebanese who will suffer from the highest poverty and the lowest poverty, ie what is known as extreme poverty.

  • Sawt Beirut International