| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Renewal for the survival of the system

Najib Mikati swayed the balance of parliamentary consultations.

He will be renewed for the head of the caretaker government, from here from Baabda Palace he will return as prime minister. The man competed with the white paper or the no-naming, and in the afternoon he gathered thirty-one votes, fifteen of which were submitted by the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc.
The Democratic Gathering blocs, the Phalanges, and the North Confrontation chose to name Nawaf Salam.

The opposition’s incompatibility is a name for the prime minister, which means the failure to reach an effective stage in the ability to confront the regime, observers say.

There is nothing new but the renewal of a political system that will not be preoccupied with an effective rescue plan, but rather is preoccupied with the battles of assignment and then the authorship obstructing balances and quotas.

  • Sawt Beirut International