| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

Resignations within Aounist movement…and anger at Bassil

Once again, the state of alienation within the “Free Patriotic Movement” over the policy of its leader, Representative Gebran Bassil, has come to the fore, through the resignation of Baabda Representative Hikmat Deeb, after he was preceded by figures who were considered among the founders of the Tayyar. Although the main reason that prompted MP Hikmat Deeb to resign from the Free Patriotic Movement was his exclusion from the electoral race, and his notification that he would not be nominated for the upcoming elections. The relationship crisis between Bassil and the new leadership of the movement, and the old leaders, is much deeper than an electoral file and nominations. The actual reason for the resignation, is the complete deterioration of the party organization, which made Bassil control all aspects of the Tayyar.

Hikmat Deeb will not be the only one, as information indicates that other personalities are heading to take the same decision with the announcement of the “Tayyar” for its final nominations next week, especially with Bassil’s adoption of the new policy in selecting candidates, as he is excluding the fighters and loyalists, in favor of funders and beneficiaries.

So, will the glow of the Aounist movement be extinguished, as the era of President Michel Aoun ended with zero achievements?

  • Sawt Beirut International