| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

Resonant electoral speeches..who still believe them?

26 days separate us from the Parliamentary elections, the great entitlement awaited by the majority of the Lebanese, after a popular revolution that demanded change, and after years of collapse at various levels… And here are the speeches that come from outer space… to be thrown into the drawer after the due date, and to become from the past.. the most important question today, does the main electoral fuel still affect the Lebanese and succeed in mobilizing them? Or will the intentions of change and progress prevail this time?
The funny thing is that all the deputies who re-nominate themselves talk about the next parliament, their expectations from it, and their future aspirations, without taking an account of the past. What is the use of such letters? And how can it be explained?
After May 15, everything will be clear, and anticipation is the masters of the situation. So, will the Lebanese believe them again? Will they re-elect, with confidence, those who overwhemede the poor with resonant promises, through raising their voices in festivals and occasions, promising the “large crowds” with candies.. while they were weaving humiliation, unemployment and deprivation..