| 23 September 2021, Thursday |

Restaurants’ sector is now hit by countless crises

The restaurant sector in Lebanon has been hit by a series of problems, including COVID lockdowns, the economic crises and inflation, and recently, the newborn energy shortage.

“The restaurant sector is most affected by the power cuts,” said Ahmed Talib, a restaurant manager, to Sawt Beirut International’s reporter, Ghassan Farran. “We lost our income owing to a scarcity of fuel, and we had to close the doors of our only source of revenue for several days, even on holidays. We are now spending extra money to store food as much as possible.”

He noted that the power outage has an impact on numerous parts of the job, including workers being forced to work in the midst of the fire’s flames.

The majority of Lebanon’s industries are suffering, and crises are ravaging them from all sides. Restaurants are an important aspect of Lebanon’s tourism sector, which constitutes the backbone of the country’s economy. Does this imply that the economy’s final papers are being burned?