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Sami Clark passes away, Amr Diab removes his artistic history from “YouTube”

The Lebanese Artist Sami Clark passed away at the age of 73 last Sunday due to cardiovascular problems, after he presented hundreds of songs that achieved great success, especially in the eighties.

Sami Clark whose real name is Sami Hobeika was born in May 1948. He entered the music field after joining the Faculty of Law at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut.

Clark has about 700 songs in his credit, including emotional, patriotic and children’s songs, and he also sang in many languages, including French, Italian, Armenian, Greek, German, and Russian.

Sami Clark’s fame in the Arab world is mainly due to his singing of cartoon series badges that are still frequent today, most notably “Grendizer” and “Treasure Island” in addition to some advertisements. Golden Age with his two colleagues Little Prince and Abdo Munzer.

Amr Diab’s fans were surprised by his action of deleting all his songs from his official YouTube channel, except for a number of his concert videos, and some advertisements. The old songs produced by other companies were not deleted, while his concerts remained the same without disappearing. It turns out that Diab is preparing to publish all his personally produced works, on a special music platform called Soul, with the aim of limiting the number of views and protecting his digital rights.

The Egyptian star also revealed his contract with “Anghami” platform and his exclusive partnership with the platform to broadcast his old and new songs.

The star Yasmine revealed her divorce from director Hadi El Bagoury, after a 12-year love story. Artist Yasmine Rais was the most searched on Google, a few days ago, in coincidence with the presentation of her play “Raya and Sakina”, which she presented during Riyadh season, and in coincidence with her last husband’s statements that he does not object his wife presenting romantic scenes in any artistic work, even the mutual kisses as long as it is within the framework of the dramatic work, adding that he does not object being called the actress’s husband.

The Lebanese singer Abeer Nehme released her new song, “Bala Ma Nhes”, with the company “Universal Music MENA”. It is written and composed by Nabil Khoury, arranged by Suleiman Damian, and directed by Nadim Hobeika.

Upon its release, the song made a buzz on social media, topping the trend on YouTube, and reaching to two million views so far. The audience expressed their admiration for the song and for Abeer Nehme’s distinctive performance.

The song embodies the feelings of love from one side, the state of waiting and hope that a person experiences and his inability to reveal his feelings for fear of losing the friendship that unites him on the other side.

The Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan surprised his fans on social media, because of his latest videos on Instagram.

Ramadan appears in the video, which sparked widespread controversy, as he uses a toothpaste made of gold, commenting: “Sabah Al-Dahab, my toothpaste is 24 karats.”

Mohamed Ramadan was criticized for this video, and internet users accused him of being arrogant and flaunting his wealth.

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