| 28 November 2022, Monday |

Saudi ambassador to host Sunni deputies, discuss next stage, say SBI sources

Announced and unannounced communications and meetings are active in more than one direction in preparation for parliamentary consultations next Thursday.
Despite the assertion that President Najib Mikati is still the most fortunate in the absence of an alternative, some indications suggest the possibility of a decline in Mikati’s fortunes, without this implying that his successor is known.

The first of these signs and the most indicative are the meetings of a Sunni nature that the Saudi ambassador, Walid al-Bukhari, conducts in his home in Yarzeh and various other places. After Sidon MP Abdul Rahman Al-Bizri and Tripoli MP Ashraf Rifi, and the two proposed their names to head the next government, Al-Bukhari received the region’s deputy, Bilal Abdullah, who is a member of the Democratic Gathering.

The sources reveal that Al-Bukhari is preparing to invite all the Sunni representatives to a dinner he will hold before the date of consultations, so it will be an indirect consultative meeting that may establish a Sunni bloc of a solid nature, and such a meeting may result, of course, between the Sunni representatives who belong to the sovereign line and the representatives who prefer an alliance with Hezbollah.

These meetings aim primarily, according to the information, to arrange the Sunni house politically, popularly, parliamentary and in the service. Al-Bukhari does not enter with his visitors names to head the government, but when he talks about the specifications of the president, he suggests the personality required for the next stage, and the most prominent of these specifications is the full commitment to the terms of the Gulf and Arab initiative, and that the next prime minister should not be gray, and that half of him is not here and the second half is there.

Those who met with Al-Bukhari confirm that the Kingdom does not seem enthusiastic about the return of Mikati to the government, which seems to be the most enthusiastic about him, President Nabih Berri, in return for the Free Patriotic Movement topping the list rejecting Mikati’s return, while Hezbollah is studying the situation carefully in an effort to keep the assignment sheet.
In the midst of the opposition and the changers, there is no settled position yet, with the exception of the announcement of the Progress Party, i.e. MPs Mark Daou and Najat Saliba, to name Nawaf Salam, and the coming hours and the coming days separating from Thursday will witness several meetings of the new MPs and the party blocs to determine the position.

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