| 27 September 2022, Tuesday |

Sawt Beirut International from inside Roumieh prison: One dead from illness, others to die from cold.

Lebanese living in their big prison, are very far from the prisoners of the small prison in Roumieh, there, where the sun rises with pain, and sets on greater pain and fear of the pain of the coming tomorrow. There, where the prisoner spends their punishment dues, with the hammer’s “weak pronunciation”, the burden of the Lebanese identity and the curse of belonging to this imprisoned homeland… “You can not give what you do not possess”, how can a prisoned country do justice to its prisoners? From Roumieh prison, we recieved a call with a voice stifled by pain, a prisoner died frorm a disease and others are waiting the same fate.
Hoping the voice will reach what remains of the consciences of the great jailers in the country, the directors of the great prison “Lebanon” and its politicians who condemn us to the punishment of emigration or death. So, has Roumieh transformed from a prison into a detention camp?

  • Sawt Beirut International