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Sawt Beirut International’s News Bulletin, Monday, June 21, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Bassil brings back tension between Christians, and “Hezbollah” controls power between all parties
  • Scrap gangs disrupt Jdeideh landfill, the mastermind is known, and the solution sees light on Tuesday
  • Health insurance prices are likely to rise, citizens bear the cost without any protection

The situation post Gebran Bassil’s press conference is not the same as before it, as the series of messages sent by the Head of the Free Patriotic Movement founded a new phase that is summarized in three titles. The first is bringing back tension between Christians. Bassil, who is aware that he and his party’s popularity have diminished among Christians and Lebanese, is trying through raising the slogans of the president’s powers and the rights of Christians, to regain some of what he lost. To achieve his goal, he is offending the “Lebanese forces and their leader harshly, as they are the main competitors among Christians. But when monitoring the street pulse we notice that Bassil’s practices are no longer practical.

The reality in 2021 differs from that in 1988, when Michel Aoun took advantage of the Christian street’s fatigue from the war to attack the Lebanese Forces, destroying their image among general public, and trying to terminate them.

The second title of Bassil’s speech: The failure of Berri’s initiative. Bassil’s attack on Parliament Speaker meant the final failure of Berri’s initiative, as he has put him among the biased party, so how can a party take over the negotiations? When Bassil resorted to Nasrallah, he aimed at provoking Nabih Berri and presenting his presidential credentials to Hassan Nasrallah.

The third title of Bassil’s speech is that there isn’t any crucial government afterwards, because time is flying, options are vanishing, and forming a salvation government has become more complicated. Forming a government that supervises the parliamentary elections, which will take place after 11 month, has become the sole option. This requires Hariri’s apology, and assigning another person as Prime Minister designate who is not a candidate for the Parliamentary elections. Would a parliamentary election be the best solution for a government formation? Probably yes, unless Hassan Nasrallah has other considerations, and even other plans. What does Bassil’s friend and Supreme Leader of the Lebanese Republic want?

Finally, on the occasion of Father’s Day, congratulations to all fathers, with a question arising amid this situation, where is Michel Aoun from what is happening?

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