| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

SBI News Bulletin intro: Why do Nabih Berri and Riad Salameh seek to destroy what is left of Lebanon?

Riad Salameh has indeed succeeded in restoring what remained of monetary stability. Once again, the algorithm was successful in identifying and targeting the remaining persons in Lebanon. According to the report, Salameh did not make his choice until he met with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and they agreed to drive up the banking dollar rate to 8,000 pounds jointly. We agree with such a choice.

And congrats to us for a Central Bank governor who doesn’t care about people’s agony, and for a Parliament Speaker who left nothing but grabbed it from the state. And after he was done with the state, he went after the individuals, stealing their savings and what was remained of their lifetime wages. Actually, we’re in big difficulty. The biggest problem is that he who drove the country to the brink of collapse is now the one who is pretending to achieve reforms and to pull the country out of its crisis.

When will the constant lying come to an end? And when will Berri, Salameh, and other system pillars see that they are the root of the problem and the source of the deadlock, and that no solution is feasible with, through, or with them? Because the situation is like this, it is not strange or surprising that the price of the US dollar on the black market today has risen to an unprecedented record of 25,500 Lebanese pounds, and nothing indicates that the rise will have any ceiling before the dollar reaches the threshold of LBP 30,000.

Many thanks go to a corrupt system for greeting the Lebanese in this manner, and special thanks to Nabih Berri and Riad Salameh, who once again demonstrated that they were not and will not be satisfied, possibly by taking what was left in the pockets of the Lebanese and attempting to eliminate what was left of Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International